by | Apr 23, 2021

Introducing the new Signature Hydrafacial for all BosBeauty clients! At Bosbeauty we carry the newest/best technology and machines on the market so our patients are getting the best results. A little run down on what exactly the Hydrafacial does; it is a painless suction vacuum to extract and hydrate at the same time. Great for all skin types and a super easy way to clear out any clogged pores and give you an instant glow!

Our Hydrafacial machine also offers add-ons such as “boosters” each booster holds different ingredients/serums to target the things your skin is in need for! If you are a client that needs more hydration in your skin and also a clean up, this is the perfect treatment for you! You can also receive this treatment every two weeks.


BosBeauty Membership – $129 The Signature Hydrafacial is an intense hydrating and exfoliating treatment! Will have you leaving with smooth, fresh, glowing skin!

Non member pricing – $199


You can upgrade with two different options with our Hydrafacial treatment! Which are the DELUXE & PLATNIUM!

The Deluxe $59 – Deep Signature cleanse, and a booster of your choice ( Rozatrol to help with redness) (Brightalive to help with pigmentation and color correction)

The Platinum $99 – Lymphatic Drainage, Signature cleanse, booster, and finish off with a LED light treatment

Lymphatic Drainage is a technique to help with any swelling and toxins your face may be holding. It is done by a light suction tube that will pull and massage your face!

LED light therapy focuses on helping the redness go down for the end of your treatment, and also stimulates cellular activity and can minimize fine lines and wrinkles!