Pain Control



Pro-Nox (laughing gas) is a patient-controlled pain relief system that allows individuals to manage their pain and anxiety during cosmetic  procedures. PRO-NOX uses a 50/50 combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide that is inhaled to provide fast-acting pain relief that increases comfort and aids in calming anxiety. PRO-NOX is not general anesthesia and will not put you to sleep.

Dental Block


Dental block is a colloquial term for anesthetizing (numbing) the area of the mouth before a procedure. Also called regional anesthesia or a nerve block because many blocks numb the alveolar nerve. Blocking sensation in the alveolar nerve will numb the teeth, jaw, or lips.

Topical Numb Cream


included in treatment
extra cream is $29/area

We Also offer Topical numb cream, a compound lidocaine cream that makes your skin numb. It works by stopping nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. Is effective after 15-30 min after application. Usually wears off about 30-60 min after treatment.

Extra numb cream $10 per area (most areas are free as a courtesy with treatment)

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