BosBeauty Academy Injector Training Program


This is a comprehensive injector training program that will cover introductory level to advanced injection techniques of dermal filler and neurotoxins. This is more than your basic intro to injection course!

Students enrolled in our program will graduate as Aesthetic Injectors with the knowledge and experience to start their career in medical aesthetics. This program is like no other as it offers full-face introductory and advanced filler and neurotoxin techniques as well as a mentorship program to get more hands-on experience!

Students will graduate with 6 months of injecting experience and be trained to perform full-face aesthetic treatments. Students going through our 6-month program will also cultivate and develop a patient profile full of before and afters for your socials.

Our goal is to provide a path for RNs, NPs, PAs, and MDs with no Injecting experience to get their start in this industry, by providing extensive training that produces Injectors that can offer the highest quality and safest results.

For more information on BosBeauty Academy pricing and an in-depth course breakdown, click the link below.